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Welcome to LifeSong International:

a Church-based Ministry for Girls Ages 7-12


Genuine Relationship
Effective Witnessing
Dedicated Service


What We Do and Why

The goal of LifeSong International is to foster a passion in girls for our Lord Jesus Christ that is characterized by genuine relationship, effective witnessing, and dedicated service. LifeSong International provides Bible-based, full-year curriculums for girls ages 7-12 that are administered through local churches, often as a Sunday school curriculum. The core of the program is a lesson design which teaches girls to discern between world views and God’s Truth by becoming scholars of God’s Word.


LifeSong International provides comprehensive, ready-to-use packages of class resources, teacher guides, and lesson materials, complete with step-by-step instructions for Group Leaders. In addition, LifeSong provides live training for all Group Leaders to ensure they are equipped, confident, and able to be effective as teachers and leaders in Christian education. All materials are supplied at-cost and live training is provided free of charge to promote youth ministry


Girls participating in the program are referred to as “Scholars” in order to impress upon them the caliber of training they will receive. Emphasis is placed upon confidence in God’s Word and wisdom in distinguishing it from world views. A key focus of the program is to instill a sense of true Godly worth in the girls that counters the ever-pressing messages of the world.


What the Program Entails

Through engaging, lifeskill-enhancing activities, girls grow in their confidence in the Bible and knowledge of our awesome Creator, increase their enthusiasm and understanding for worship, and learn about sharing their faith and Christ’s love for others through Christian ministry. Each lesson is age-specific and designed to provide time for fun and fellowship directed by local church members that serve as Group Leaders for youth ministry.

Overall, the program is designed to teach girls who God is through His Word so that they develop an understanding of what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus as Lord and Savior. In addition, the program teaches the girls to recognize Biblical characteristics of being a Godly young woman through Bible study.


How the Lessons are Designed

Each lesson builds confidence in the Bible as the inerrant Word of God, and is founded upon Scriptural excerpts as the basis. All classes are designed to present a world view that is analyzed in the context of Biblical Truth. While growing in confidence in God’s word, the girls are taught to recognize the world’s messages lead to confusion and separation from God, while the Bible’s Truth leads to life and purpose.


A host of different materials are utilized to make each lesson as effective and engaging as possible, with personalized DVD messages from Godly women role models, worship music CDs, lesson posters, art supplies, and much more. In addition, both the leaders and the girls will have access to on-line resources and email forums to allow for discourse on the materials being taught.


Sample Lesson

View a sample lesson here.